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Order Online for your Team or Company Apparel

How it Works

1. Send us your logo...OR we can design one for you!

Do you have a logo? Great! We can digitize it for any media or adjust it slightly for style and color.  You can create a lifestyle line of clothing for your company, organization or event. 

Don't have a logo?  We can design one for you! 

2. Decide on what type and style of clothing you want

Take a look at our YOUR LOGO HERE items and you can choose between anything we have instock, or order in custom items as well.  The sky is truly the limit!

3.  We can either build you an online store, or send you a mock up and you can place your order via email.

We can build you an online store for any group, company, event, or fundraiser.  It is by far the easiest and least time consuming for you as the organizer.  Less room for error, and no collection of money.  We do it all.  Members choose their items, colors, sizes, type out their names or add any extras they want.  Then they pay and the transaction is complete.  All the orders are then collected as a group and delivered right to you.  (We do not typically deliver for individual orders, but have shipping and pick up options for any schedule)

4.  That's it!  Your order has gone to production!

Once your group's agreed upon deadline is reached, we gather the orders, and send everything to production.  Once all items have been entered, we notify you of an approximate ETA. We will separate each order by name and deliver the group to your contact.  Individual orders will need to be picked up or shipped. A shipping cost may apply.

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