Coolers and Liners

Don’t Forget to Customize with Embroidery

LINERS/ Stall Sheet

Add leg straps to any of these liners for a great stall sheet.
• WINTER LINER 14 oz.                   $140.00
• WOOL LINER                                     $165.00
• FLEECE LINER                                 $125.00
• ADD LEG STRAPS                              $15.00Amberlea Cooler

Liner Standard Features

• Lofty terelene insulation on the WinterLiner withstands extensive washing
• Nylon lining on the Winter Liner polishes the coat and helps reduce scalding
• Rust resistant heavy duty hardware
• Closed Front 1 belly strap
• Double darts at the hip, contoured back & neck line offer a fit beyond compare.


We use only the finest wool melton or 18oz fleece. Add braid at the hip for a dressy look or like all blankets- embroidery or fancy trim are available.
The options are endless. Just ask,

Fitted or Square
Wool      $165.00
Fleece    $120.00

Showmanship Cooler308734_2463247347767_1474265915_n – Ties or velcro  front closure
Wool     $ 195.00
Fleece   $ 145.00

Quarter Sheet-undersaddle
Wool       $90.00
Fleece     $70.00

Quarter Sheet- Hip Warmer
Wool       $95.00
Fleece     $75.00

Ask about Barn Color Bulk order discounts
Add Braid Detail      $35.00
Add Leg straps          $15.00

• Closed front
• Wide belly band
• Extra adjustable fronts for more size versatility
• Two color trim or fancy trimmed darts
• Monogramming / embroidery